Content Management Systems

basic_cmsContent Management Systems are useful for sites that have a large volume of content, or content that needs to be updated frequently.

CMS have the advantage that, once setup, little or no technical knowledge is needed to run and maintain the website. Changes can be made instantly, at any time, by more than one user.

AT KWWD, I use WordPress as my CMS of choice as there is so much in-built functionality, and so many pre-made plugins available however if you’re looking for an alternative solution there are several more that can be recommended or I could even build a completely bespoke system for you.

This type of website is suitable for:

Larger websites with lots of pages

Websites that need to be updated frequently

Websites that require editorial workflow


Easy to update

No technical experience needed


Can take time to import the initial content from other systems

Longer set-up time if complicated functionality is needed.