Site Maintenance

devel_maintHave a website that you’re quite happy with in terms of design and major content areas? Good for you! Soon, though, some area can be left looking stale and in in need of a quick update. If you don’t have the time or the technical knowledge, I can help you at a price that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Google and other search engines place quite a lot of weight on how often websites are updated as to where they come in the search results. A website that’s updated frequently and therefore seen up-to-date will appear higher up in search results than a site that’s been left alone for some time.

Not only that, as more and more of your customers become tech-savvy and check up companies online, will they choose someone who hasn’t updated their website for a year or someone who added a new photo and testimonial 3 weeks ago?

I can arrange a monthly update or ad-hoc contract with you so your website is always showing your latest information and keeping your customers in the know

Contact me to find out which solution is best for you and your business.