What are Virtual Private Servers (VPS)?

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When you host a website on a standard hosting setup, it’s usually on what is known as a shared server. This means that multiple websites are run from that web server and you share its resources with other website owners.

This provides great low-cost hosting if you’re running a site that doesn’t have a lot of traffic or use a lot of resources however if your site is a high traffic site – or is on a shared server with another site that gets a lot of traffic – this can really slow the response time of your site down.

Even with Cloud Hosting, each shared hosting package has limitations on CPU usage, RAM and bandwidth available.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is half-way between a shared server and a dedicated server in that there are multiple websites hosted on the same server, but they’re in their own Virtual Environment using their own operating systems programs and resources.

The Benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • Your website is hosted separately from other sites so it’s private.
  • You can choose your own operating system and can customise the services and programs that run on the VPS
  • You can access your server directly at any time
  • You can restart your server when you need to without affecting any other websites
  • You have a dedicated about of RAM available to your server so you’re not sharing it with anyone else
  • Better up time. If another website on the VPS goes down it’s in its own environment so, unlike a shared server it’s won’t affect your site(s).
  • You can run multiple sites from one server

So, if you need more server resources and you don’t want the cost of running a dedicated server then a VPS is the best choice for you.

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