Reset All TCP/IP Ports

I recently started running into a problem when using XAMPP webserver to develop site locally.

Occasionality the MYSQL service wouldn’t start due to a blocked port. Restarting my PC wouldn’t clear the port and the service still couldn’t be started. Sometimes, after leaving the PC off for a bit the problem would solve itself. It’s not always practical to sit around and wait for the problem to fix itself so the next thing to try is flushing all the TCP/IP ports to clear up whatever is blocking your MYSQL port.

To do this, search for “Windows Powershell”, right-click on it and select “Run As Administrator”.

When the Powershell opens, type:

netsh int ip reset

And hit “Enter”

This will then flush your ports. Restart the PC to complete the process and you should now be able to run MYSQL without the port issue cropping up.

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